1. I am a flake

    I can’t write consistently mostly because I got a new puppy that I can’t leave alone so I can go to my room and write. So I apologize. I’ll try to condense the last month in the most concise and accurate way as possible. 

    My hematologist appointment I was nervous about went really well. As of right now I am not positive for major genetic predispositions to blood clotting. I do have something called a double mutation in one of my genes which is probably what was aggravated by the BC. So basically, thats that. And also when the gene is mutated it also causes your body to not be able to do something with B vitamins and folic acid. 

    Verdict, regime of B6, B12 & folic acid to see if I can get those up (since they were low) AND here’s the big one - probably only one year of Coumadin! 


    So I have another appoint in the beginning of May to check up how the vitamins faired in my body. And he also needs to screen for one more genetic blood disease that I came out borderline for. BUT he said that the numbers could be skewed by the low B’s and Folic Acid. I am hoping that is the case. 

    In the meanwhile, for the last 5 weeks I finally have my INR under control. 

    About fucking time. 

    It has ranged anywhere from a 2.1 - 3. 

    More importantly I feel amazing. For the last 3 weeks I have been to gym frequently. I need to lose some of the excess weight that I gained from being so low activity. For the first time in a really long time, I feel like myself. 

    And for a little while, I kinda forgot what it felt like. Its liberating and I have an insatiable urge to LIVE.  I am really excited for the CT scan in a couple weeks to see if the blood clots in my lungs are gone.

    Cause I think they are. 


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not all who wander are lost ♥
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