1. 3 weeks have passed

    Since I last had the guts or energy, time, patience …etc etc to update you. But now, I’ve screwed us both cause not only do I have to freaking write another book because I didn’t update you - you have to now read it. 

    forgive me?

    A week after posting last, my next INR check was at a 2.2.


    I felt like for once, maybe this dosage was right. That I didn’t have to continuously, every week return to the doctor. I know its bad cause I don’t even have to check in at the front anymore, they just pull up my charts as soon as they see me walk in. 

    The week after, we are looking for a stable INR of 2.2 or even higher. If I match the previous week’s INR, I could keep my dosage of a 8.5mg everyday. My INR turned out to be a 1.7

    Oh f off coumadin. 

    Baffled again, doctors and nurses who crowd around the nurse’s station to see my results are heartbroken. I get bombarded with a million questions about my diet and what I am doing.

    Because basically anything that is green in color has Vitamin K. I was told specifically to not eat massive amounts of greens. I was cleared by multiple doctors I was going to be able to consume small small amounts if I chose. And we’re talking like less than a half a cup of greens for the whole week. 

    If anyone has ever been told not to do something or eat something, you know what comes next.

    The incredible urge to do it.

    Now I am not saying I went into every restaurant and ordered every salad on the menu and shoved it in my mouth. But if I wanted a little lettuce on a sandwich or burger, I had it. When I explained this to the doctor, she agreed with me that such a small amount of the greens should not be affecting me this much, but to nonetheless pay more attention to my consumption to absolutely make sure that it is not the greens. My dosage was increased to a 9.0mg everyday. 

    Last week, once again - hoping for something good. I was once again disappointed by an INR of 1.9. At this point, the doctor feels like raising my dosage everyday might be too much and to alternate dosages. 

    Now she suggested this to me in the beginning and I HATED the idea that my medicine wasn’t going to be consistent and that I would now have to be 1000% vigilant of what my dosage was going to be every night. This time around, I feel like I have no choice. It’s already been about 8 weeks of hell. 

    My dosage is now 9mg for 5 days out of the week and 2 days 10mg. 

    More importantly, on Tuesday the 8th, I went and saw a Hematologist ( a blood doctor ). I had been waiting for this appointment for over 2 months. I had a series of blood work ups done to let me know if my blood clotting is genetic. This is extremely important to know since this will probably be the answer to the question I’ve had since the beginning of this whole mess. 

    Will I have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life? 

    My Hematologist was amazing. He was so incredibly smart and gave me a good pre-prognosis concerning the meds. He basically said pending the results of the additional blood tests, since it was an induced pulmonary embolism, he wouldn’t suggest me on blood thinners forever! 


    this is all pre-blood test speaking. If the results come back for positive genetic susceptibility to blood clots - then we’ll have to revisit the idea of a blood thinning regime . . for forever. I have a follow up on Tuesday, I’ll make sure to update appropriately. 


    Which finally brings us to Wednesday. My weekly INR check up! I was super excited about it because I felt like the raise in the Coumadin would definitely throw me over the 2.0 range. 


    Yes, I said it. 1.9 

    AGAIN, did not even change a bit. So the doctor suggested this week, to not have any greens AT ALL. Not even a bite, a taste, a lick - NOTHING. It seems that my body must be extremely sensitive and that my minimal greens intake is just affecting it to the point where its totally stunting the medicine. 

    a kid’s dream diet.

    So thats that. I promise not to write any books of this sort anymore because it must be long and laborious for you to read as it is for me to go back into my memory and type. 

    I guess, I’ll just update in a few days. Or maybe I’ll sneak in a non-related medical post tomorrow about my puppy, Chewie. 



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