1. Back at it?

    Maybe its just the overall commitment of blogging that gets me all fuzzed up. 


    Each time I say I’m gonna start up writing again - I find a way to make my days boring and insignificant. 

    But maybe, someone - somewhere, will find my writing amusing…

    or just completely f’ing boring. 

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  2. The Day Before Christmas

    Probably one of the funniest things I have ever read. Anthony is seriously incredible for writing this. Just thought I’d take the time to share it with all of you :)

    Enjoy! #GIANTSBABY!

    'Twas the day before Christmas and all through new York
    Not a Jet fan was stirring, while their coach ate some pork.
    The scoreboards were hung in the corners with care.
    In hopes that many points soon would be there.
    The players were ready for a field covered in red.
    So they strapped on their helmets atop of their head.
    The coin toss was tails and there was a touchback.
    The players were grunting as they prepared the first snap.
    Fans screaming so loud all the windows could shatter.
    On the sidelines Rex Ryan, indulging in his cake batter.
    Away to the end zone Bradshaw flew like a flash.
    The Giant sideline erupted, from Webster to Sash.
    The Jets were up next, no doubt to return the favor,
    For this was a matchup that the victor would savor.
    Mark Sanchez on 3rd down throws a pass caught by Holmes.
    As he points for a first, his coach swallows 4 ice cream cones.
    It was fourth down, they punted
    Holmes wrong once again.
    The ball sails, it’s a fair catch.
    Now here come the G men.
    The play clock winds down, it is second and ten.
    Jets defense looks ready. Their coach roasts a Cornish game hen.
    At home fan’s eyes widen as the Camera is panning.
    A 50 yard pass. To Nicks thrown by Manning!
    Ok here is the Sanchize. Let’s try this again.
    His knees tremble in fear, being stared down by these men.
    Now Jason! Now Justin! Now Canty and Osi!
    On Kiwi! On Blackburn! On Phillips and Boley!
    As Quarters are passing, Coach Coughlin’s cheeks become rosy.
    While On the other side, Rex double fists two Stromboli.
    The games end is nearing, Fans throats sore and feeling a chill.
    They began to go home early. The scoreboard read 35 to nil!
    The game clock hit zero,
    and all was set right.
    As Eli flew out the stadium he said
    Merry Christmas to all, And to all a good night!

    Anthony Paliwoda

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  3. Do I know where I am going? 


    Do I know where I want to go?


    Do I know where I want to be?


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  4. Me when I was about 4.  (Taken with instagram)

    Me when I was about 4. (Taken with instagram)

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  5. Eli being Eli. MetLife event a few months back.  (Taken with instagram)

    Eli being Eli. MetLife event a few months back. (Taken with instagram)

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not all who wander are lost ♥
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